Crossing our Fingers

As many of you know, Wallflower has spent the last couple months prepping for its new launch of cases. We’re so so excited about it & can hardly wait until you get to see the wonderful things too! (Disclaimer: you’re going to love them.)

Unfortunately, we’ve encountered several setbacks along the way. The process of getting our new machinery (hooray!) has involved a lot of complications (boo), so it’s still in the process of being transported to our little workshop. We really can’t do anything until it comes, so we sadly have to postpone our relaunch; our aim is to unveil everything on Friday, February 29th. For now, this relaunch will only include iPhone 4, 5, 6, and 6+ and iPad 2/3/4 (not air) cases. We’re really hoping to have everything else back by June. (Fingers crossed!)

This whole process of redoing Wallflower — while exciting — has been totally crazy and scary. Because of all the complications and uncertainty we’ve experienced with this new equipment, it seems like we’ve almost taken a step backward instead of forward. To say that we’ve been a little stressed and frustrated lately would be a huge understatement. We had so many amazing plans and goals for Wallflower & the things we would be doing with it this spring. And those were wonderful hopes and dreams to have! But through this whole undertaking, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and how our individual plans fit into God’s greater one. Sometimes, the ideas we dream up and map out don’t come to fruition in the way we want or expect. God uses hard things — like delayed machinery, hidden fees, and miscommunication — to teach us.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, Sarah and I are going to Malawi, Africa from March 7-17th with the Market Colors team. This gives us only a few days between the launch and the time we leave. I'm not sure if we will close down while we are on this mission trip, yet. 

I want to thank everybody for their patience with this launch. I know it is kind of annoying to be told yet again that it is delayed but, it will be worth the wait. I also need to thank Sarah for her writing skills & helping me out with this post. Her lettering is featured above. // Follow her artwork on Instagram: @sarah.sparrow

With Love,

Amanda Opferman

Creative Director + Founder