What is taking so long?

This isn’t fun. Being the bearer of bad news isn’t cool. Feeling let down isn’t something you look forward to. I know you probably aren't too concerned and you don’t spend your days worrying about phone cases, but I want to be clear and transparent about what is exactly going on behind the scenes of Wallflower Design Company.

We were (and still are) in the process of upgrading our cases from 2D to 3D designs. We have run into problem after problem & will not be able to make the February 27th launch date as expected. Originally the new cases were supposed to debut on the 2nd of February, and then the 16th, and then next Friday. We still have not been able to create a case with the new equipment. We have been let down + have received false promises from the company that we purchased the equipment.

I have learned so many things about this whole deal. I was SO excited for this equipment to come & I figured within days we would be making cases. That was not the case. I wanted to upgrade so that we could make higher quality cases and have a better shot of getting into more retail space. Consistency is a big thing for me and and to come out to tell you AGAIN that we have to delay this launch does not sit well with me. I wish it didn't end up this way.

So, I am writing to let you know we will be bringing back our 2D cases (the ones you’ve seen in our shop) for the iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 4/4s, and iPhone 6/6+ (which is on our site already). They will be $20 and include US shipping. I hope to have these back within the next week or so - but no date yet. Sarah + I are going to Malawi, Africa on March 6th though the 18th so we want to have everything up before then. While we are away, the rest of the team can pack up your orders!

In the background, we will be getting the new machine ready & also getting comfortable with it and slowly work on upgrading. I have no time estimate for the new cases - it could be April or June or later.

To close this up, I wanted to let you know that (as you can probably already tell,) being a small business owner isn’t all glamorous as you think it is. I LOVE making my own schedule and being in charge of what I sell, who I hire and but it is a ton of work. I am so thankful for every sale and every person who believes in this little company. This is the biggest roadblock I have run into in almost 3 years of business. We will get through this muddy time - I know all of the work will be worth it.

I included a little extra free download! You can download this image for your iPhone, iPad and Desktop. (See, there is some good news!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message. I am so thankful for you + your continued support of my little company. If you have any concerns or suggestions, you can simply reply to this email!
- Amanda Opferman

Creative Director + Founder