Q & A with Amanda

Last week, I hosted a giveaway on Instagram. I picked out a few you asked and answered them below. Thank you for all of the questions, I had fun answering them!

- "How did your business get started?" - @nataliegracephoto

So do you want the long or short version? Basically in June 2012, I was a high school student with no money to spend on phone cases so I made one for myself, posted a photo on Instagram and people went crazy! A few insisted I sell them online which became my original Etsy store, AEOCreations. Each case was drawn by hand or used decoupage. Basically, by December, I was over my head in orders. I didn't have the resources, time or help to make all of the cases purchased through my Etsy store. I researched how to make cases professionally and quickly & was able to order equipment to do so in January 2013. Since then, we have been creating the cases this way. 

- "Do you have any writing classes? Or Workshops?" - @myvalentina

Nope, not at the moment. I am organizing a few lettering + business workshops for this summer. Both online and in person. Sign up for our newsletter for info!
- "What are your favorite kinds of pens/markers?" - @annexlens
My favorite are Micron Graphic 1 pens - a staple in my tool bag.
 - "Did you teach yourself lettering? Did you take classes? How did you learn?" (Merge of questions from @karla.liu & @empottsy)
I did sign up for a few classes online but didn't really dive into them much. I taught myself by daily practice. 
- "What inspires you the most for new designs?" - @actionjacksonx
Fashion trends, suggestions from people, nature and past artwork.
- "At what point did you decide to go to full time with your business?" -@Poppyjackshop
In high school, I worked at Boston Market & quit during the fall of my senior year so I could devote more time to making and designing.
- "Are your parents small business owners? What do they think about you owing your own biz at such a young age?" -@jillmakes
Yes! My parents own a service business so a lot of things are different but they are always there if I have a problem or have any questions. They're kinda like my 'board of directors'. When I want to do something new, I typically will go to them and ask their opinion.
- "Any tips on how to get followers on your business's Instagram?" - @sammiejayr
I will be blogging about this soon! But, basically put out good content. Highlight the things you want to sell while also providing a reason for people to follow. I like to provide 50% lettering/artwork and 50% product images. I try my best to make my Instagram feed pretty + inviting. 
- "What computer program do you use?" -@jds11u
I use Adobe Creative Cloud. I pay about $45 a month for adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Bridge. 
- "Did you go to school for art?" -@sophiam123
Nope! Well, kinda. I went to college for about a month and dropped out when I realized Wallflower was what I was supposed to do. I took a few business courses at a community college and that is the extent of my education after high school.
If you have any other questions, shoot me an email and I may add it to the list! Thank you for all of the questions!
- Amanda Liz