Behind the Design

A phone case design - or anything I make, can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 weeks to create. Each one is made differently than the rest. This is how I made this one!

I knew I wanted to layer text over flowers. The words 'Slow and Steady' popped into my head and I scripted it out. Strangely, I liked the way it looked the first time. 

I scanned the image into the computer, edited it a little and added a stroke. A stroke gives the image selected an extra layer of pixels so that it could look more bold if it is against a chaotic background. You will see why I did this below.

I printed out the text & brought out my light table. I traced the bolded text so that it would be seen in front of the flowers. First in pencil and then in pen. I stuck this image into the scanner again in case I didn't like the first floral arrangement that I made. (which was the case!)

I started painting away and this little guy was the final result. It took about 45 minutes to add all of the floral. I didn't like the floral the first time around so I printed the lettering I had scanned in for this reason again!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the process behind my designs. This print is available as a download and hard copy in our shop.

Have an amazing weekend!

- Amanda Opferman

Founder + Creative Director