Behind the Design - Ruby

Every Monday, we will be choosing a design to show how it was designed. Today I chose our sunflower case, Ruby. 

The original artwork was painted on watercolor paper with gouache. Gouache is a paint that has the strong color of acrylic but has the consistency of watercolor paint you get from tubes. I am very inexperienced when it comes to gouache - this is one of my first times using the medium. I am liking it so far!

I started by painting yellow sun-like shapes and a few stems. After that dried, I added a light tan, brown, and then a back color to the center of the yellow to give the sunflower look. Then I scanned it into the computer:

When I draw or paint, I have such a hard time centering things. Thank goodness for photoshop! I was able to re-arrange and edit all of the flowers. I do not have an in progress shot of this process, I'm sorry! But, here is the final piece below.

Now we are able to print and make it into a cute phone case! 


You can grab this case for 20% off with the code RUBYONTHEBLOG through Sunday, July 12th. What design do you want me to share next? Comment below!


- Amanda Liz