Ruthie was a fun one to create! With the original piece being about 2 feet in length, I had to take a high-res photo and edit in photoshop. Here is the original:

Ruthie was painted with watercolors on watercolor paper. I used Pelican watercolors - I swear by these! It took about an hour and a half to complete. (I documented my time making it on snapchat. I always share what I am making. You can follow me here: amannnnder)  I then stuck the image in photoshop.


Phone case designs are roughly 3x6 inches. I created a new file & pulled over the artwork. 

I then copied some of the floral pattern and arranged it in the white space. 

I wasn't set on keeping the text, so I removed it and patched it up with some more floral.

And here is the final product! You can get one for yourself here. Get 20% off the Ruthie design when you apply the code RUTHIEONTHEBLOG at checkout. Thanks for reading! 

-Amanda Liz

Founder + Creative Director

Wallflower Design Co.