Behind the Design: Abeline

Abeline is one of those cases that I have been wanting to design for a WHILE but each time I tried, it wouldn't turn out like I planned. Even the final product for this case isn't what I had in mind, but I like the result! I started just by doodling a few travel 'necessities' and then painting with gouache. Gouache is a new favorite medium. I painted right onto watercolor paper with my favorite brush and then outlined the shapes with a Micron 1 pen

I scanned it into photoshop and realized I was missing something. I had created both the Beetle and Vespa a few weeks earlier - I dug through my bin of recent works and then scanned it in.

As usual, I do not have an in-progress shot of the different doodles being arranged. (as I am working on designs now, I am grabbing screen shots as I go for this reason!)

And thats it! The Abeline design is available for both Galaxy and iPhone cases. You can grab it for yourself at 20% off with the code ABELINEONTHEBLOG.


I loved visiting this design again! What design do you want to see next week? Comment below!


- Amanda Liz

Founder + Creative Director

Wallflower Design Co.