Well isn't this MARBLEous! Happy news and your wallpapers!

New cases have arrived! We have added a new darker marble design, edited the old one to look more amazing, a new botanical design, a case inspired by Leslie Knope, and a simple case telling you that everything is going to be okay.  

You can get 20% off of these 5 designs with the code MARBLEOUS through Tuesday. You can check all of the cases out here! The early bird gets the worm.

We have some GREAT news! Our Fresh Collection will be available on September 29th. This is next Tuesday. We. Are. Pumped.

You may know that we started planing for this upgrade this time last year but ran into some big roadblocks -- like being scammed by the company that was selling the equipment to us. We were literally ready to launch the new cases when the new printer had broken.

By the Grace of God, we have had an opportunity open up with a new company who will be printing the new cases for us. You can read our blog posts when we were going through everything here and here

These cases are AMAZING. You will want to have one for yourself.
Now, THIS is MARBLEous.

Grab one of these below and set it as your device's background. 



Thank you for your continued support! You can share photos of your cases and wallpapers online by tagging #madebywallflower. I want to see!

Have an amazing weekend!

- Amanda
Founder + Creative Director