Floral - snap on iPhone 6+ FRESH case. Candy Corn (no longer available - seasonal) - Snap on clear iPhone 6 ORIGINAL case.
Both cases offer the same amount of protection. Though, the FRESH cases are a higher quality and have a wrap-around design. All buttons and ports are uncovered.

Floral - iPhone 6 Plus Tough FRESH Case. Marble - iPhone 6 Rubber ORIGINAL Case.
Both cases wrap around the entire phone and come over the screen a little bit so that if the phone was set screen-down, the screen will not touch the surface. Both cases cover the lock and volume buttons but leave the charging, speakers, and headphone ports open.
Tough FRESH Cases have a rubber inlay to protect the phone from shock if it were dropped and the design wraps around the entire phone.
Other iPhone and Galaxy cases aren't shown in this post but have the same idea.
If you have any questions, send us an email! hello@wallflowerdesignco.com.
No matter if you choose FRESH or ORIGINAL, you will still love your case. Promise.
- Wallflower Team